jiyong, sir kwon, sir. can I just say your airport fashion today was spot on perfection.



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I've reached 3000+ followers and decided on making a follow forever! I will list the blogs I personally love and wouldn't be able to live without cause I need them on my dash in order to survive and they bring so much joy (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)

I love all my followers without you guys this blog with meaningless gifs and edits would be even more meaningless. those listed below are blogs I've followed for a long time and recommend others to follow as well~!

clxssact // twoneofakind // classifiedclover // no-8 // cutebubblyvip // ji-daddy // koreanghetto // kuro-shiroi // mint-hint // panda-smack // yghigh // daesng // shabbitable // ygfamilyy

thanks for being such great blogs that cheer me up daily when I decide to come around. megasupahhwaiting!

I have a couple of days free from work and first I’m like YAY I CAN SLEEP IN AND BE UP ALL NIGHT BECAUSE EJSFHSDLKFNSD but then — > both days I need to get up at 7:30 am because I have to go to the doctor both days and be there at 9 am FUCKINGKIDDINGMERN.




Hello my beloved chingus ! 

In order,to celebrate my 1st anniversary of this blog,i am doing my 2nd follow forever yay ! Wow,1 year already ! Time,sure flies fast ~ ! Well,i’ve met really great people in here,and i love every single one of you. To show,how much happy i am,i’m putting some blogs i really enjoy ! This is my gift to you ! Hope you enjoy it with much love and hope this makes your day/night.


bold : favorite ones
normal : blogs that i enjoy
lined : friends

marksonjin   chaelinssi  x  minowin   marktuon x  blockziho  x  dragon-de-ciel  x  bomminator  x  poodoongee  x  boms-wings  x  nappeungizibe  x  gijibe ayt0m x  classifiedgzb  x  ladybom  x  goddessandara  x  bambaskaaa  x  ladyminzy  x  choiseunghyvn  x  qaerin  x  2ne1-world  x  parkbom-cl  x  chaerinx  x  abominare  x  seoul-itaire  x  bomtoki  x  alliquo   x  2ne1ish  x  b-igbang  x  taeyanq  x  bomlicious  x  bommiez  x  gdragno  x  definitely-gd  x  -blackjack  x  ji-gasm  x  sanblaq  x  taehyong  x  2ne1n  x  nachaerin  x  bad-oppas  x  korean-addicted  x  neomchi  x  world-bommination  x  kamiira  x  ygjunkie  x  kwonzz  x  hanbint  x  king-mino  x  lilsugaplum   x  southkoreans  x  taehyungs  x  zcio  

thank you so much! <3

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